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Không có taiThere’s a silence on this project recently and you might think it’s abandoned again or something else gone wrong, but nope, Street Tuning Evolution is alive! We’re working hard on the engines for Skyline and Supra, they’re pretty high detailed and you’ll see some progress on them soon. Also, I’m still receiving suggestions about Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns and unfortunately, they both have been failed in the past, I don’t see any reasons to make another try yet.

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  1. I’ve already stated about this on facebook, but I will say it here as well as it is very important, the fact that the first campaign failed doesn’t mean there can’t be another one, it is a pretty common thing to see funding campaigns reattempted after a first unsuccessful one, if you take 30 seconds and search “Reboot” on Kickstarter you’ll find plenty of examples.
    Now why would the new campaign succeed where the first one failed ? well for starters you have (or will have) what Invictus didn’t have, a demo ! which means tangible material for content creaters (youtubers) to work with, and help you advertize the game.
    Secondly, as a small team you can set a very conservative base target like 20 or 25k unlike the insane amount Invictus needed.
    Cheers !

    1. Không có taiI’m really afraid to fail the third campaign (first one was on KS, second one – Indiegogo), but releasing a demo and dropping down the target both sound reasonable, so probably, we can make another try again.

      1. Hi, cool looking game. I like this type of games very much (SLRR played over 500h, CM – over 200h). I wish you good luck, there for please remove branding from cars (logos and names) – i say this because car companies can sue you for using unlicenced models (wich cost alot of money i belive)

        P.S. sorry for my crappy english

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