Street Tuning Evolution store page on Steam

Không có taiWe’re expecting our Steam store page for Street Tuning Evolution to be approved by Valve soon. You won’t be able to buy the game yet, but you could add it to your wishlist and Valve could send you the notifications about all latest news on this project instantly.

8 thoughts on “Street Tuning Evolution store page on Steam”

  1. Muchas gracias! comprare este juego para apoyar su desarrollo estoy seguro que se convertirá en uno de los mejores juegos de carreras con opciones de modificación para los vehículos.
    Không có tai Animo y suerte con el proyecto!

    Không có tai Thank you! I will buy this game to support its development I am sure it will become one of the best racing games with car modification options.

    Không có tai Good luck with the project!

  2. man i`ve waiting for this soooo long. i brought every game of you and they are funny, i think maybe you could launch project torque again to make some cash or something like that.

    Thanks for all
    grettings from chile

    sorry for my shitti english, but i dont know russian or other way to comunicate with you

    Không có taipd: i make music if you want some crapy rap contact me

  3. It’s not abandoned and we’re looking for an opportunity to fix multiplayer for this game, because we still can’t launch it due to some critical bugs.

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