Announcing CPH Meal #2

Hello all, a quick post with the details on our next event.
CPH Meal #2 will be a collaboration between our regular chef Rob Martin and Big Ben, chef and owner of Cafe Benedict.

We’re always excited about our events but this one already feels like it’s going to be special. Chris and I met with Rob and Ben last week and to see the two of them bouncing ideas off one another was bloody inspiring.

We don’t know yet quite what they’re planning but it’s going to be good. As always, we’ll keep you posted as the menu develops but, for now, here’s the essential details.

Just a note that this time you need to order and pay for your ticket in advance. So be quick! There will be a small booking fee, but it’s still a bargain!

CPH Meal #2
When: Sunday October 10th, 5pm
Where: Cafe Benedict, Borups Alle 112, Frederiksberg
What: Five courses + wine
Price: 600DKK

Sorry, SOLD OUT!

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