Ved Stranden 10

Christian Nedergaard of Ved Stranden 10

To mark the fact that our next event will take place there (more on that soon!), we’re profiling CPH Meal’s favourite wine bar/emporium – Ved Stranden 10.

Christian Nedegaard, Ved Stranden 10’s co-owner and a former Danish Army officer who once transported champagne glasses in his ammunition box, has been appreciating wine ‘since he was allowed to drink it’. Growing up in a food-loving family (he was enrolled in a summer-long cooking school at the age of 10) instilled in him a passion for conviviality that would later influence his attitude to wine and inform his approach with Ved Stranden.

Wines from Ved Stranden 10A year in Normandy at the age of 19 cemented a belief that life’s simple pleasures are the most rewarding: “I remember sitting in a local market with a friend and enjoying a bottle of wine and some oysters. By most standards the wine was probably terrible, but the simplicity of it, the sharing of the experience, really brought it home for me that it wasn’t about how much you pay, but how much you enjoy the moment.”

One of Christian’s goals with Ved Stranden 10 is to show Danes that wine can be enjoyed in moderation and that stopping off for a glass or two on one’s way home from work is not only viable, it’s also hugely enjoyable: “Meeting with friends doesn’t always have to be an arranged event, meticulously planned. Life doesn’t get richer than a last-minute catch-up, a glass of wine and some tapas.

“Many Danes use all their money getting shitfaced on Friday and Saturday nights drinking crappy wine. Why not meet up for half an hour after work and enjoy a glass of something more interesting? It doesn’t have to be so formal!”

Rubber stamps at Ved Stranden 10A jolly presence behind the bar, Christian greatly enjoys sharing his knowledge and encourages his patrons to further their interest in wine, no matter their level: “I think the average price of a bottle of red wine in Denmark is 29DKK and that says everything. I know that my shop is probably only of interest to a tiny proportion of the population but if I can pass on a few tips and stimulate a few people’s appreciation for wine then that’s great.”

As for the wine itself, Christian’s focus is on cool climate varieties, predominantly European: “For me it’s about the minerality, and a sense of place. I really dislike over-intellectualizing wines – these types of wine simply speak to me most. We describe them as natural, living wines instead of organic or biodynamic. There should be a feeling that you’re drinking something alive, and which reveals something of the earth it comes from.”

Ved Stranden 10 offers weekly informal tastings and is also available for corporate functions. Visit their website for more information.


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