New Steam AppID for Street Tuning Evolution

Today we have received a Steam AppID 905240 for the long anticipated Street Tuning Evolution game! AppID is a unique identifier given by Valve Corporation for each new application that’s going to be published on Steam. When we will finish Steam store page of the game, you could add it to your wishlist and purchase it as soon as you’ll get a notification about public release!

Street Tuning Evolution

Everyone has already noticed a huge delay on releasing updates for Street Legal Racing: Redline on Steam, we bring our apologies for this inconvenience. We got a lot of work on the new Street Tuning Evolution game on Unreal Engine 4 that is intended to become a logical successor of Street Legal, it looks and works really good! There’s also a lot work on expansion of the company, but hopefully, delays will be gone soon and we could release more great stuff!

Không có taiThanks everyone for your patience and support!